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Monday, 5 January 2015

Genuine Review Of Y-Axis Customer

Abdul H 

                              I believe its an employee who represents the quality of work, and not a company in entirety. My experience with Y-axis was not that great when I started but later on, I was assisted by a Process Consultant named 'Marcel Francis' and his services changed my perception.
                            He was extremely professional and totally dedicated to work. He made sure things would not stay pending from his end and literally kept me on my toes! He made me feel my application was in secure hands and ensured it stayed that way.
                           His turn-around time was quicker than anybody would expect and I do not think I could be assisted by a better consultant than him. He is certainly ready for the next level.
                           It is for this individual and Teena, the manager who took care of me (the angry customer), I rate the company with 5 stars.
                          Although my application is still in processing stage, a major stage was approved under his guidance. I will continue to work with Marcel until my application is fully complete. 
                          PS: Tanya assigned Marcel as the PC. Make sure you deal with the right people & yes, you may have to demand for it.

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